Mona Hall

Real Estate Agent

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About Mona Hall

People told me when I started in the real estate profession, you can’t care more than the client does.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, what if in the process of buying a home someone has to make multiple moves? What if the home doesn’t have all the features the client said they wanted? What if the location is not what they said they wanted?

And they bought it anyway.

What if they sold the house for less than they said they wanted? What if the timing of the sale doesn’t line up with their requirements? What if they sold more quickly than what they were prepared for?

And they sold it anyway.

I will work hard to get you exactly what you want, when you want it at a price you’re happy with.

How do I do it? I’ve negotiated win-win deals for hundreds of clients for over two decades. I’m affiliated with Choice Residential a real estate agency who cares that your experience is everything you hoped for and has proven teams of professionals prepared to support me in delivering it.

I care. Maybe more than you do.